We started small with a mud-brick hotel in Farafra Oasis, the Badawiya Hotel Farafra, but have recently built the traditional domed-style Badawiya Hotel Dakhla, in Dakhla Oasis. Both blend with the local surroundings.

On our family farms we use organic methods to produce most of the fruit and vegetables used at the Badawiya restaurants. We also rest our camels at our farm in Farafra when they are not trekking with tourists through the breath-taking White Desert.

For those with less time, or who prefer speed and greater comfort, we also have 4WD cars available for your desert safari.

All our drivers and guides are oasis-born and are friendly, experienced and knowledgeable. The staff in our hotels also is from the oasis. They are personable and genuinely care about making your stay as comfortable as possible.