We are Awlad Alwy, genuine Bedouin, born and raised in Farafra, the Western Desert smallest oasis.
Atef Alwy the eldest brother is based in Dakhla and running the Badawiya Dakhla Hotel.Saad Alwy
Hamdi Alwy was a teacher in Farafra before we started the company and always likes to be active. When not running the Badawiya Hotel Farafra or supervising the expeditions, you are likely to find him fixing the cars used for our jeep safaris.
Saad Alwy left the desert, intending to study music in Austria and Germany. He quickly realized that music should remain a hobby and switched to agriculture. The techniques he learnt in Europe are used on our family’s organic farms in the oases today.
After returning he realized there was a need for knowledgeably, responsibly guided desert tours and so Badawiya Expedition Travel was born.

Badawiya Dakhla Hotel

El Qasr Valley, El Wadi El Gadid,
Dakhla, Egypt.
Hotline: +201282879695 – +201284477397

Badawiya Hotel Farafra

Gamal Abdel Nasser St., El Wadi El Gadid,
Farafra, Egypt.
Hotline: +201282879695 – +201284477397

Cairo Office

02B Abdul Aziz Gawish st., Midan Lebanon, Agouza, Giza, Egypt.
Hotline :+2 01282880659